Drawing like Van Gogh using the corn :)

This painting will be definitely interesting for your child because you’ll be using not only paints, but also goods that are not using usually, like corn and grass.

We’ll need: corn (you can use wheat, rice, buckwheat, oatmeal), semolina, dried dill, leaves or grass, double sided tape, scissors, sheet of a paper, yellow and blue gouache, brush and the painting of Van Gogh's "Wheatfield with cypresses " from the " Seasons of the year in art».

Steps on how to draw:

1. Glue the double sided tape on the album sheet.
2. Carefully peel off his second layer.
3. Sprinkle the grains (lower part).
4. Make the bushes of leaves or grass.
5. Spread the cypress of dried dill (crush it).
6. Sprinkle the remaining space with semolina. This will be the sky.
7. Draw clouds using blue and white gouache. If you’ll mix these colors, then you obtain the curly blue clouds.

Here you go! That’s easy and interesting way how to draw with children 


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