Create your own shop!

How to make an own shop of Handmade products? We know that exactly!

You’re creating handmade goods or you know a lot about diy stuff, and want to turn a hobby into a business? With Abbigli your dream can come true!

Abbigli is a platform where anyone can create their own online store of Handmade goods and exhibit them for sale. You do not need to do anything to make this out: to pay rent, buy site, hire staff, and what is the most important - to seek customers. All this we will do for you! Just because we, the same as you are, in love with handmade and diy stuff, and we are confident that every product has its own customer. So here we are, ready to find them!

On Abbigli you can create your own profile, where you can add some information about yourself, your works, their stories and so on. Also, really big plus of this site is an answer for a question how to make friends, who will share your passion to handmade? Because here you can show yourself and find other creators, who as well as you are, interested in different arts: how to draw easy drawings step by step or how to make home-lemonade or how to make diy stuff – all these things already gathered on one site. You can find customers for your goods, learn something new and make a new friends, isn’t that awesome?

On Abbigli site millions of potential buyers or just people, who are interested in arts, can find what they need! They receive online access to the exhibition or fair, where a lot of artists are selling handmade products. Customers can see and choose exactly what they need. It's just a handicrafts shop, where customers can buy anything in any time, and you can sell your own handicrafts. Also, you can use our tips on window dressing, since the sale showcase of Hand Made store plays an important role. We can always help you and support where necessary. With us selling handicrafts – it’s easy, profitable and enjoyable!

Join now! You won’t regret it!


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